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25th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry
8–11 June 2020 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo



ITE in the world

ITE Group is a large multinational exhibition organiser (one of the Top-20 in the world) with offices in 24 Cities in 13 countries and staff of 1300 people and is a Public company.ITE organises more than 240 trade events in Russia, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan), Turkey, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US and we also have a growing number of events in China and Africa. In Russia ITE opened in 1991 when the company organised a series of trade exhibitions in Moscow, focusing on the key industries of the Russian economy.

The keys to the success of ITE as an international exhibition organiser are its large portfolio of strong exhibition brands in the most important economic sectors, as well as expert knowledge of exhibition organisation process, drive for innovation, an effective communication system within the network of international offices, which provides management, sales and marketing support.

ITE in Russia

Since 1991, when ITE first held a series of trade exhibitions in Russia in key sectors of the economy, the exhibition business has developed significantly. In the 1990s, the advertising market was just beginning to emerge in Russia and Internet technology was practically non-existent. During this period, ITE exhibitions were the most effective tool for developing business and attracting new partners. Then, as now, the importance of making direct personal contact with potential customers, and the ability to demonstrate products and services, could not be overestimated.

ITE organised its first trade exhibition in Moscow in 1991. The company has grown dynamically over the last 20 years and now holds more than 20 annual events including MosBuild, MITT, MIOGE, WorldFood Moscow, TransRussia.

The Group’s core competencies are: its high-quality trade events, development of ‘own brands’ in various economic sectors and constant research aimed at identifying opportunities for further development of exhibition activities in the regions where the ITE Group operates. ITE's experience and practice in this field are unparalleled.

ITE Moscow
3, bldg. 2, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 107140
+7 (499) 750-08-28

ITE Eurasian Exhibitions FZ-LLC