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24th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry
18 - 21 June 2019 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

DANO BOX 1 package with Metallic IML attracts Russian customer

The company "KG Stroi Sistemy", the Russian affiliate of the German construction giant Danogips, conquers new peaks with a kit DANO BOX 1 for small reparations. Thanks to this innovative compact package, express repairs and filling of seams, potholes and cracks became easier and more accessible for everyone . Thus, the company filled the void in the Russian DIY market. The producer of the filler "KG Stroi Sistemy" and the packaging producer "Mir Upakovki" tell us about the project.

DANO BOX 1 fills the vacuum in the market of repair materials

Olga Romanenko, head of the product management department of "KG Stroi Sistemy" explains: "The idea of creating a repair kit was in the air for already quite some time. There was no product in the market that would allow a consumer to make a purchase without losing lots of time and money when a small reparation was needed. The usual putty is mainly used for leveling the surface with very small differences and in most cases is presented in a large package for repair professionals. Moreover, previously the buyer had to look for a suitable tool for puttying, which is often located in a completely different department. With DANO BOX 1 we simultaneously solved both problems. The consumer gets everything at once: putty in a compact package of 1 kg together with a spatula".

IML packaging that meets high standards

"When developing the DANO BOX 1 package, we came to the conclusion that the product should not just stand out on the shelf, but even look "tasty", so that the buyer the consumer would have the desire to buy it immediately. Due to the fact that the packaging had to meet very high esthetic requirements, we decided to use IML. It would not have been possible to achieve the desired effect with the traditional technology for this industry."

Magic effect of the Metallic IML

"The DANO BOX 1 packaging with Metallic IML does not only look amazing, but it is also very pleasant to touch, and the metallic shine undeniably catches the eye. In large building stores, where it is predominantly dark, the metallic effect gives the DANO BOX 1 packaging a virtually magical effect. It is a bait for the eyes and guarantees that the consumer will have a desire to buy this product. Now we can with certainty say that DANO BOX 1 is represented all over Russia, and we expect that in the nearest future the repair kit will find its place on the shelves of a number of CIS countries. It has already arrived at the warehouses of our partners in the region."

Technical challenges

Tatyana Matunina, Key Account Manager at “Mir Upakovki”, tells about the technical side of the project: "The main difficulty was the development of a label layout that perfectly matched the packaging. We had to take into account a lot of important details: the undesirability of placing the text on the corner elements of the packaging, the complexity of the design when processing the final layouts and much more. The reconciliation process, therefore, turned out to be longer than usual. Never before have we dealt with such complex technical requirements."

Professionalism of the Verstraete IML team

Olga Romanenko, Head of Product Management at "KG Stroi Sistemy": "We highly appreciate the assistance provided by Verstraete IML during this project. We could always address them with any question and get the fullest possible help in resolving various technical difficulties in a very short period of time."

Mikhail Britcyn, Business Development Manager at Verstraete IML in Russia, comments: "Despite the pparent simplicity of the project, we had to face some difficulties. First of all, square package always requires more attention than, for example, a round one. In this case the label has a more complex geometry, and it is necessary to take into account the influence on the design: not only on the joint edges of the label, but also on the corners of the product. Secondly, the design contains metallized elements and it is crucial to monitor their location and size in order to avoid problems in the process of molding. But at the end all the issues have been solved. Now DANO BOX 1- in a new package with a laconic, but at the same time stylish and capacious design - attracts the attention of construction stores’ visitors. A good example of how packaging helps selling the product."

Tatyana Matunina, Key Account Manager at “Mir Upakovki”: "Verstraete IML is an expert and a dependable consultant in the field of IML. The label supplier has once again made a very positive impression on us, the packaging producer and molder. We can confidently rely on their perennial experience and knowledge."

Looking for a partner to implement the IML project? One address: Verstraete IML

"Of course, we recommend Verstraete IML to everyone. Thanks to their IML technologies, you can create a packaging that you could not even dream of. In addition, the company does not give unfounded promises, telling honestly about technical capabilities, as well as providing catalogs and samples that give a clear overview of the final result. Even after the product has been developed, Verstraete IML does not leave you until the idea embodied in the package appears at your warehouse in accordance with your wishes."

Источник: https://press.unipack.ru/eng/66791/