Why Attend RosUpack?

RosUpack features manufacturers and suppliers of packaging equipment, ready packaging and labelling, packaging materials, raw materials and equipment, and warehousing systems.

Exhibitors: 653 companies from 36 countries
Visitors: 23,051 professionals from 79 regions of Russia

Why should you visit RosUpack?

  • Discover the widest choice of packaging products in Russia. More than 650 manufacturers and suppliers under one roof.
  • Compare the very best products and offerings in terms of quality and price point including packaging and wrapping machines, filling, dosing, covering, printing and other equipment, ready and bulk packaging, labels, raw and expendable materials, and much more.
  • Watch demonstrations of equipment in action.
  • Discover solutions for a range of different industries including food and none-food manufactoring, wholesale and retail companies, medicine and chemical manufactoring and many more.
  • Attend a packed business programme featuring international specialists and experts. Topics of the conferences, seminars and discussions include the most pressing industry issues, from raw materials and production technologies to branding and packaging design.
  • Attending RosUpack is an opportunity to find new packaging solutions for your business needs.
Packaging machinery and Packaging production machinery
packaging machines, machines for producing packaging
printing, labeling and marking equipment
Ready packaging and labeling
The widest range of different types of finished packaging
Warehousing systems
Pallets, tapes, big-baggy sacks, transportation boxes
palletizers, pallet strapping machines, warehousing equipment...
Raw and expendable materials
Composition materials
Varnishes Inks and glues...